volunteers bios


Jan is the founder of the All stars, she has been running it since 2004 alongside her husband Dave. Jan writes the scripts,  directs the All Stars in their performances, sews costumes and generally is the backbone of the company, constantly being referred to as the mum of the All stars "family"


Dave founded the All stars alongside his wife Jan in 2004, and has been a constant person in the All stars lives. Dave has performed a variety of tasks for the All stars during rehearsals and the shows, ranging from sound and music to organising the sell of tickets for their annual performances. Dave is often referred to as the Dad of the All stars "family"


kay has been with the All Stars from the beginning, she helps the All star cast with rehearsals and backstage at the shows. Kay has even performed in the shows alongside the cast and a most memorable performance of "sisters" alongside her sister Jan. kay always as with all the other volunteers makes the cast feel like they are the most important people at that moment in time no matter what may be going on behind the scenes.


Joy joined the All star volunteers in 2017 prior to that in a previous occupation Joy was a fantastic supporter of the group often providing costumes and props. Joy  now helps the All stars with their songs, words, costumes and anything else they need. In the last show Joy took on the role of prompter for the All stars. She is someone the All stars look to for reassurance and confidence building, as Joy will always use the casts strengths and support them to achieve their full potential and had also been known to perform alongside them.


Marina joined the All stars volunteers in 2015. She helps the All star cast with a wide variety of activities. Marina is very popular with the cast helping them with their choreography, and consistently supports them to achieve their full potential. Marina has also performed alongside the cast in a number of shows.


Jenny first became involved with the All stars in 2011 when her husband Jamie joined the cast. Over the years she has gradually taken on more responsibility and even wrote the script for our 2019 performance. Jenny is a highly valued member of our team and has proved to be versatile and talented. Her duties have ranged from organising the canteen at rehearsals, helping to run some rehearsals and sorting costumes and props,  to front of house sales. She has even had cameo performances in the shows. Truly an All star!


Mike joined the All star volunteers in 2016. He is always on hand to support the cast in their rehearsals and show days. Mike has been stage manager for a few shows, which he has been brilliant in building up a rapport with the cast to help them achieve their full potential. Mike has also performed alongside the cast in a number of shows.


Alongside Diane, Mavis is the newest volunteer, joining in 2019. She helps the cast with practising their words and performances, ensuring that they are able to reach their full potential.


Alongside Mavis, Diane is the newest volunteer for the All stars, joining in 2019. Diane helps the cast with whatever they need help in practicing to reach their full potential and enjoy what they perform.


Stephen is our brand new volunteer. Stephen is unique as a volunteer as he shares his volunteer role with performing as part of the All star cast. Stephen joined the All stars in 2017 and over the years has grown in confidence helping the rest of the cast with the words and in recent times helping Dave with the music. He is a great help to the other volunteers as he is someone that the other All stars can and do relate to, in all aspects of performing.


Rosie is our youngest volunteer she is the grand-daughter of Joy. The All stars all admire her and love practicing alongside her in all aspects of the show and rehearsals. she is a positive addition to the volunteer team